Mentored Research Project

Trainees will be co-mentored by two faculty investigators: one from a disease-based clinical research program at MGH, and the other from a translational or basic neuroscience program at the Martinos Center, MGH Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit, or Stanley Center of the Broad Institute.  Together with their co-mentors, trainees will design, conduct, present, and publish original research that approaches clinical problems through their underlying neurobiology.

Training goals for the Mentored Research Project are as follows:

  • Design, conduct, analyze and publish an original, mentored research project that leverages cutting-edge neuroscientific tools to address an area of unmet clinical need in psychiatry
  • Become proficient in a variety of scientific writing modalities (reviews, original research, grantsmanship)
  • Elaborate short, medium, and long-term goals and a related career development plan
  • Develop expertise in at least one technical area (e.g., imaging, brain stimulation, genetics, animal models, cell/molecular biology) that will serve as a foundation for subsequent independent work
  • Secure funding for additional career development beyond the fellowship period