Tailored Didactic Curriculum

A three-tiered curriculum will provide didactic training that spans from global principles of clinical-translational research all the way down to specific technical and disease areas.  All trainees will participate in a core curriculum that covers general principles in clinical-translational research (Harvard C/T Research Academy) as well as special topics in psychiatry-related research.  In addition, they will participate in BrainMap (Martinos Center) or Translational Neuroscience Joint Seminar Series (Stanley Center), and in specialized seminars and journal clubs related to their clinical area of focus.

Training goals for the Tailored Didactic Curriculum are as follows:

  • Develop fluency in core concepts of clinical-translational research through applied and didactic experiences
  • Appreciate potential benefits and challenges intrinsic to cross-disciplinary collaboration in clinical and laboratory settings
  • Identify gaps/specific needs in training, and engage in didactic and practical experience to address these needs